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system-symphony is a program that synthesizes sounds based on active processes on the running computer.
A collaboration with Kaloyan.
For The Media of Sound taught by Ross
in the Fall of 2022 at Yale University.

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The Committee to Elect Justin Tseng

I created the campaign site for the City of Medford's first Asian-American councilor, Justin Tseng. The site was one of our core methods of community outreach and displaying our platform.

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With the takedown of YouTube-based Discord music bots, I made an alternative so my friends and I could listen to music together on Discord. The bot plays audio from YouTube/SoundCloud, has a queueing system, permission system, and volume controls.

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crossword history

This page is a series of D3 visualizations that show me and my friends' NYT Daily Mini crossord completion times. All times are automatically scraped at the 55th minute of every hour from the personal crossword leaderboards.

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